Package Room

Expand Your Package Management Solution

The Package Concierge® Room system, when paired with the Premier or Express Locker Series to create space for overflow and larger items, eliminates the handling of inbound and outbound packages by staff, freeing up their time for other priorities.

Available Colors

Using the same user-friendly software as Package Concierge® lockers, the Package Room system also comes with enhancements including multi-package deposit process for even faster carrier delivery plus extended retrieval time for resident convenience.


Provides secure space for packages that are too large to fit in the automated locker system

Creates overflow space for packages when the lockers are full during peak periods of use

Supplies an indoor package management solution for those with space constraints

Accommodates appliances for deliveries that may require refrigeration

Offers alternative space for carrier pickup of outbound and return packages

Operates with software that is intuitive for delivery carrier ease of use


The sleek surface-mounted kiosk contains a computer, touchscreen, barcode reader and camera

Constructed of steel, the kiosk exterior has a durable powder coat finish, available in either black or white

The kiosk measures 10” W x 12.25” H x 4” D